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Hey, I’m Brandon! I’ll be your guide on your quest to conquer the LSAT.

I scored a 175 back in 2022 and have been teaching ever since.

Join me in class and I'll have you mastering this thing in no time.

To your LSAT success,

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Brandon B's headshot


Packages start at $99 per month. LawHub® Advantage subscription required.

Start studying with our free course and ask questions on demand.
$0 / month
Limited course access
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Practice any question, attend live classes, and watch past classes on demand.
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All Free features, plus:
Full course access
Attend 3 live classes per week
Watch class recordings on demand
Practice all official LSAT questions
Private LSAT Tutoring
One-on-one LSAT tutoring. Bulk packages available.
$250 / hour
Tutoring from 99th-percentile scorers
Study plans designed around your weaknesses
Session recordings delivered straight to your inbox


The last LSAT prep you’ll ever need.
But don’t take our word for it.

“From struggling with logic games to confidently mastering them within the time constraints, Brandon’s guidance was nothing short of transformative... He was also awesome at breaking down complex LR questions and RC passages.”
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Daisy H.

“Brandon is AMAZING and well-versed at this LSAT stuff... I was never afraid to ask a question with the fear of Brandon thinking I was asking a dumb question. He created a safe space for his students to learn and get better.”
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Kayla R.

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Do you offer discounts to LSAC fee waiver recipients?


LSAC fee waiver recipients study with TestBest for $99 / year.

Email to document proof of your fee waiver and redeem your discount.

Do I need an account to work with a tutor?

Nope! You can work with any TestBest tutor without a membership.

Visit this link to schedule hour tutoring or shop our 8-hour and 16-hour tutoring packages.

Do you offer package prices for tutoring?


We sell 8- and 16-hour tutoring packages.

8-hour packages start at $1,800 (10% off our hourly rate).

16-hour packages start at $3,400 (15% off our hourly).

Do you offer any other discounts?


Veterans, active duty service members, and active duty first responders study with TestBest for
$50 / month.

Qualified first responders include active duty police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other emergency medical service personnel. Not sure if you qualify? Contact us.

Email to document proof of service and redeem your discount.

Why don't you provide a score improvement guarantee?

Because score guarantees are total nonsense. Seriously—read the fine print.

Anyone trying to sell you a score guarantee sees you as a profit center, not someone who deserves their best shot at their best score. They can't learn this stuff for you. Neither can I.

can guarantee you world-class instruction, clear explanations, and reasoned advice on what to work on next. That's the recipe for reaching your full LSAT potential.

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